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Therapeutic turism 

Leisure and growth come together 

Individual, couple and family rituals  /couple encounter/Blended families/Fun+therapy/Reconciliation/ Vote renewal/ Family healing sessions 

We want to create THERAPEUTIC-TOURISTIC EXPERIENCES where individuals, couples, families and groups can find better ways of relating, communicating and dealing with their issues surrounded by nature and beauty, changing the idea of therapy as "clinical" and more as a human encounter.  


We offer different alternatives depending on the needs of each client (scubadiving, sailing, relaxing weekends, rituals, etc) 


Therapeutic moments can be shared and experienced in a vacation and relaxing space and not necessarily in stressful situations.  


Desiree Carlson THERAPEUTICAL TOURISM opens up a chance to invest time and money to get at the same time integration, fun, recreation, intimacy and resolutions. 

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