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International speaker
Gestalt and existential approach
Executive coaching
Cultural management
Therapy without BORDERS? 


I am Desiree Carlson,  Gestalt Psychotherapist and Existential coach among many other things like being a mother, partner, friend, student, sometimes teacher, and many other things that words might not describe completely.  


I believe that PSYCHOTHERAPY, even though might be not neccesary and sometimes even a luxury, is a wonderful way that I have found to create sincere encounters, real relationships and co-constructive conversations.   I refuse to believe that there is A WAY or A, B, C  for a happy life.  Im more interested in discovering the experience of those who let me walk beside them and build together new ways and possibilites of being, of sharing our lifes, of living, of looking our existence, ways that lead us to more satisfactory relationships, more conscious existences and feeling more ALIVE.    


I believe in a psychotherapy without borders because at the end we are all connected, borders are just a theoretical way of trying to separate what cannot be separated which is our connection to the world and others. We impact one another and co-construct our identities, our existences, our worlds.  In a world where technology allows us to blur more and more our borders between countries and each other we can see more clearly how connected we really are, and precisely in such a connected world, ONLINE PSYCHOTHERAPY, even though it is still controversial, it can be a wonderful tool to experience life deeply with people from allover the world and break paradigms that tell us that a real encounter can only be face to face.  During the past 8 years, I have specialized in working with identity and sexuality being able to work with people who wants to reflect upon their sexuality and the way they have built theirselves and their relationship with others from their BEING-SEXUAL as well as opening posibilites  and alternatives for their sexual orientation so that they can live in congruence with their own philosophy and life project.  



The art of sharing, being together, moving together, building us and our reality, being original in a world that moves quickly, bringing therapy closer and easier, building our identity even if we dont know exactly how that will look like, accepting uncertainty, create, jump, dream, invent and reinvent, re try again and again... this and much more is heARTISTIC...



Sometimes we take for granted that things MUST be as they are.  However, we all come from a story , beliefs, values ​​, and meanings that others have given us . Everything that we consider fixed, is actually part of a belief. Take the opportunity to question your own beliefs : where do they come from? Who taught you that ? What values ​​hold these beliefs? Do you really believe this or you believe it because it was given to you ?


It isnt  easy to question yourselve , sometimes we feel  DISCOMFORT to give us time to question whether we are where we want to be , who we want to be , as we want to be .


However, the discomfort helps us to start being in a more conscious, more real, more alive position  , so we can then choose what we want to  believe , value and the meaning we attach to things.  

GIVE NEW MEANING to your experiences


Merlau-Ponty said we are condemed to meaning.   All our life we spend living and giving meaning to what we live according to the meanings available in our family, culture, and time, as well as our perception. Every day that you wake up again, it is an opportunity to ask if the meaning which you have given this or that experience helps you deal with it now or if today you realize that some experiences may acquire new meanings and be experienced in new ways. It is never too late to start building new meanings to  your perceptions, your relationships, your history, your sexuality, your identity, your values ​​....

LIVE with passion


Start questioning if the way you have been living until now is the way you would have liked it to be.  Would you say YES to your existence the way it is and it has been until now? or Would there be something you would have to change or do to be able to say YES to your life? What would that be? 

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