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Come to a great experience at Asilomar CA to a conference full of workshops and great people that the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy organices!

I will be participating giving a workshop about our being sexual from Merleau Pontys and Heidegger theory!! Great way to explore how you have built your being sexual with others and how that impacts in the ways you move in life!!!

Here is the information that you can also find here:

Sexual Being-in-the-World-with-the-Other

With Desiree Carlson, MA Psychologist/Psychotherapist

2 Hour Conference

ProgramAbstract: Reflexive-experiential workshop on sexuality from a relational and phenomenological vision. The main objective is to reflect on the experience of our sexuality and the way in which that experience impacts us in how we move, express ourselves and chose, as well as the way we interact with the world and with others from it . It also seeks to create spaces that help realize which parts of the field have impacted on our way to decide how to build our being-sexual in this specific way and not another.

Learning Objective(s): Participants will be able to list check points of inflexion between Relational Gestalt and Existential Psychotherapy; and be able to assess sexuality from field theory and from an existential-relational vision, by generating questions about the impact this relationship generates on the way to building one’s being -sexual and of relating with others from it.

Desiree Carlson, MA Psychologist/PsychotherapistDesiree Carlson Sanromán , Gestalt psychotherapist and director of CORAZON EN MOVIMIENTO, therapeutic organization that promotes therapeutic spaces that enable people to greater choices and alternatives in their lives. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in existential psychotherapy in “Círculo de Estudios en Psicoterapia Existential” Mexico.Specialist in sexuality and its various manifestations, having accompanied for 8 years to individuals and groups who wish to reflect and explore through psychotherapy, the way they choose to build themselves in the world and in their relationship with others from their BEING-SEXUAL as well as to explore new possible ways and alternatives to live those experiences in order to be consistent and congruent with their own vision and life philosophy.

Level of Experience for Participant: Advanced Level ExperiencePresentation

Language: English

Possible Risks and/or Limitations: No obvious risks, physical, emotional or otherwise

Maximum Number of Participants: 40

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